In the surroundings of Kessel, south of the Netherlands, we start growing our own sweetcorn in April. By using the newest machines we can seed under the perfect conditions so that each field can be used optimally. Accurately we monitor the development of each field by visiting each field at least once a week and by using state of the art weather station so that we always know whats going on over, under and in each plant. This helps us in determining the perfect moment to harvest; everything to guarantee the taste and quality of our sweetcorn.

Already in March, the soil is prepared for the new growing season. The fields are plowed and cultivated.

Seeding happens with a specially modified machine to align each seed percfectly for a optimum yield.

In July, we start harvesting the first sweetcorn. Our machine carefully holds the plant while the cob is being removed by a set of bars. This reduces damages and increases yield.

After picking, the sweetcorn is transferred into a trailer and transported to Kessel for sorting.