Food safety
Food safety is a hot item. With us too. Right from the very beginnings of our company. Why? Because we want to offer you good and safe food.
Food safety

Our sweet corn meets all requirements. Our methods are continuously monitored and we ensure we comply with the standards of Global-GAP and BRC (British Retail Consortium). These quality assurance systems signal any hazards in the food chain and help prevent major problems occurring.
In this way, we can promise that the corn cob on your plate is safe!
Genetic modification
In regard to genetic modification we can be quite clear: NO! Our sweet corn has not been genetically modified and will not be in the future. 


Little Owls (Athene noctua)

At the beginning of the year a little owl box was placed on our farm. A couple of months later we were delighted to discover a little owl pair in residence who shortly afterwards laid 5 eggs. All the eggs hatched. The photo below shows the proud mother owl when the chicks were being ringed.