Buying, storage and cleaning
About fables, the truth and some tasty delights.
American fable
According to the Americans you get the best sweet corn by:

1. boiling a pan of water ;
2. running to the nearest corn field;
3. buying some corn cobs
4. sprinting back home and;
5. removing the husks and boiling the corn cobs for five minutes.

It?s a nice idea, but hardly very practical in daily life. But, to make sure you can still buy the best and most tasty corn, we have listed a number of tips: Realistic tips, that is.

What should you pay attention to when buying corn? First of all the husk should be nice and green. The kernels should look in good condition. Are the kernels dented? In that case the corn is old and we recommend you choose another cob.


Corn is at its best when it is eaten immediately after purchase. Do you want to store the corn? Place the corn cobs in the fridge. They can be saved for several days.
Corn can also be frozen. Remove the husks and
freeze the cobs at once. The sooner the cobs are frozen, the better they will retain their flavour


Corn cobs can be cleaned very easily. Remove the husks by peeling them back. Remove the silk using a special brush. The corn is now ready to use.

The history of corn

Corn originates from Central America and has been cultivated since 5,000 BC. Initially the plant was used as animal forage (field corn). Sweet corn was discovered in the middle of the 19th century. Sweet corn is probably the result of a naturally-occurring mutation in the genes of field corn.
Archaeological finds reveal that 12,000 years ago the ancient Indian tribes in Mexico gathered and used corn-like plants. The plant has been cultivated in Mexico for almost seven thousand years. Corn was the Mayas' and Aztecs' main source of nutrition. These peoples even worshiped "Corn gods". In 1493 Christopher Columbus brought corn back to Europe.


Corn brush